Truth About USP & Copywriting

In-Print Salesmanship 101: “Copywriting Course from the Trenches” Issue #1 From: Dexter Paglinawan From Way Up High City of Pines (OSB, BC) Start – 5:17 PM (April 4, 2013) Hey there Buddy, Welcome to “In-Print Salesmanship 101” by yours truly, the ‘accidental’ copywriter for #1’s. This is going to be the first in a 10-part … Read moreTruth About USP & Copywriting

How Marketing Stories Make Business Winners

“If you want to catch a whale, you need a big bait; if you want to catch the mass’ attention, you need a story…” People are naturally curious Once something gets our attention and interest, we tend to want to find out more about that thing We might even invest time, effort and money just … Read moreHow Marketing Stories Make Business Winners