VidTasia [Review]

Today, we’re reviewing VidTasia by Cham Altatis.  In a nutshell, this is a comprehensive training about using Camtasia for your business. Camtasia is regarded as one of the best tools in creating marketing (and educational) videos. But unlike other Camtasia training out there, Vidtasia is like a practicum. Meaning it’s not just a training on how to use Camtasia, but also on how to create effective marketing videos using this tool. Let us start with a lesson:
“Skill that pays” —
This is my secret to “not touching my real world moolah” WHILE “funding my online learning and biz growth” in the IM world while I was getting started. And the magic here is that you can get paid to get “practice” skills that eventually help you make a 6-figure biz. Reason I am telling this to you now is because THIS is how you get “ninja good” (without really breaking too much sweat… and emptying the bank) in the online world.

Watch me walk you through what get inside VidTasia:

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Now here’s the GLUE that makes you ‘moolah’ today:
Video marketing.
It has not only boomed in the last couple of months, it’s literally been easier to do than ever before …even for grandmas and grandpas out there, I tell you. If you’re not leveraging videos to get make mooolah, get more traffic and promote your own products or affiliate offers, then you’re missing out big time!
BUT here’s a little problem…
There’s a lot of software out there, and with too many to choose from, how do you know which one will fit your needs?  Well… if you’re in this space, my quick answer would be Camtasia (works on Mac & PC). If you already own it, or just looking to get it …the next question becomes, how do you actually use it to make videos that make moolah?
Now, smile, because this is where I may be of assistance =)
There’s a new video Grade A course called “Vidtasia” (newest version) that shows you how to create videos like a PRO… even if you are a total video newbie. I’ve reviewed this – and the “over the shoulder” – “real world project” approach is something I wish I had when I was just starting out with IM. I can’t sing praises enough for this course… because, video wise, I know this will change the way you do IM forever. 
Forget about push button video softwares for now because we all know they can only take you so far…

If you learn how to use Camtasia correctly, I know you will make mooooolah.

The Training includes:

  • Professional Screen Capture Video Creation
  • Live Action Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Greenscreen Video Editing
  • Visual Effects
  • Video Publishing
  • And More!

You don’t have to spend a fortune hiring an outsourcer or spend a gazillion hours of your precious time trying to perfect that call to action or lower third. The idea is to boost your conversions with the help of these DFY video graphic assets.

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The material is really delivered well. The manner of teaching is well-thought off. Only downside really is that it is Camtasia based only – BUT the core principles of how he handles video creation questions like “how to use transitions” “colors” and those kinds of stuff will still be useful whatever editing software you use.

Vidtasia Has Only One Upsell

  • OTO 1 – The upsell is a Template Club, which is great for Video Service Providers. Cham will give you 10 DFY templates every month.

Plus, here are ADDED bonuses for the front end purchase alone:

  1. Buying & Selling PLR ($97 value) – another report that will serve as an asset in your IM career
  2. Build a Business and Change the World ($97 value) – with great power comes great responsibility and as you grow your empire never forget to create a lasting impact in the world also
  3. Video Sales Letter Genius ($67 value) – another asset you can use in your growing IM arsenal
  4. Over 20+ scenery stock videos
  5. HIGH converting video script templates for VSL (video sales letter), video review, and video traffic.
  6. A collection of 10 done-for-you Camtasia templates, that you can easily customize and use for your (or your clients’) videos.
  7. 32 Internet Marketing Related Videos with PLR ($97 value) – a collection that will help you have a good grasp of what good content is all about for when you build your own IM empire
  8. Crazy Marketing Video Tutorial ($97 value) – an asset you can use together with Camtasia
  9. 30 Ways to Market Using Social Media ($97 value) – this is one avenue for you to apply everything you have learned in your Camtasia training
  10. Crushing Your Goals – a report to lift your spirits and motivate you when the going gets stuff
  11. WhiteLabel / PLR rights to my Udemy Video Course “Headline Swiss-Knife Method”

You get instant access to all of these bonuses today after your purchase of this package.

Now, in case you upgrade to the UPSELL, you get these bonuses:

  1. Graphics Mystic ($67 value) – contains tons of graphics assets for your videos
  2. How to Land Graphics Gig Like a Bo$$ ($47 value) – training from me on how to land clients for graphics and video jobs
  3. Video Sales Letter Genius ($67 value) – report to help you create high converting videos
  4. WP Plugin – Video Press ($67) – plugin you can install even on client sites
  5. Success Habits ($97 value) – report to feed your inner spirit
  6. more upcoming…

To claim bonuses, please mail me at “yourfriend[AT]”

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Hope you found this review for VidTasia helpful.
P.S. If you have any question, feel free to comment here. And I will be there to assist. Thanks!

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